Windows 8 Finally Does Search Right

By Sam Biddle on at

Searching within Windows, much like tackling the Task Manager, has always one of the most nightmarish components. It was ugly, disorganized, and slow. Not anymore. Part of Microsoft's "now Windows is actually pretty great" initiative means making search un-horrible. Finally.


Shooting Challenge: Leading Lines

By Mark Wilson on at

Your eyes...feel funny. They're slowly pulling from their sockets, a pair of grapes that will soon squish their juices against a simple, 2D photograph. This is the power of leading lines. For this week's Shooting Challenge, use it wisely.

What Should the Next Android Be Called?

By Kyle Wagner on at

Ice Cream Sandwich's here! Ice Cream Sandwich's here! And in the world of Android, that can only mean one thing (besides a bunch of nerds whining about not having their update yet): Oh god I need to know what's next.