A Dog Made from Nikes Is My Favorite Kind of Pet

By Casey Chan on at

I love shoes. I love dogs. So how much do I love these art sculptures of dogs made from shoes? More than dogs love to eat shoes. Dogs. Shoes. Love. YES. They're made by Vinti Andrews, who repurposed classic Nikes like the Air Max 1, Air Force 180 and Dunks to create this sorta vibrant and fiery pet art.


The Daily Mail's Eggy-Face Over "Amanda Knox Is Guilty" Story

By Kat Hannaford on at

Look, we all do it. If a website claims not to pre-write certain articles (obituaries; Apple announcements; obituaries about Apple announcements) then they're obviously missing a trick. But actually publishing an incorrect pre-written article? Just ask the Daily Mail, The Sun and even The Guardian how much that hurts.

The Best iPod Prediction Ever Made

By Mat Honan on at

Apple's original iPod came out ten years ago this month. It will likely die tomorrow (at least its Classic form). Yet the original iPod begat the iPhone and iOS. It changed computing. Almost nobody realised that at the time.