These Giant Robot Arms Are the Future of Fight Club

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The battling bots in Hugh Jackman's Real Steel look far too CG to get me excited over the idea of programmed pugilists battling to the death. But this real life set of giant, tele-operated robotic arms are without doubt the future of televised combat. And probably handy for doing real work too.

Watch Siri "Work" On the Old iPhone 4

By Casey Chan on at

Siri, the personal assistant extraordinaire, is one of the hallmark features of the iPhone 4S. But why oh why can she not be on the iPhone 4? She is, after all, just software. iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith thought the same thing and actually ported Siri over to the iPhone 4.

Our Favourites This Week: ChatOn, LHSee and More

By Casey Chan on at

BlackBerry has had BBM and now iPhone has iMessage but as cool as those two messaging clients are, they're locked into their respective islands. ChatOn is Samsung's way of creating a messaging client that ditches SMS yet holds the promise of multi-platform messaging (think WhatsApp etc.) You can group chat, share images, share videos, share music and share your location. It currently only works on Android, bada and Samsung feature phones but they're promising to launch on other platforms soon.

Our Favourites This Week: Facebook, Real Racing 2 and More

By Casey Chan on at

Facebook: It looks pretty much like the same Facebook iPad app that was previewed in July which means there's a familiar (for those who use the iPad) left-hand column for simple navigation of the News Feed, Photos, Messages, Groups, Apps, Settings, Chat and more. Facebook Photos on the iPad look especially good (something Facebook has trouble with on their website) because they go full screen and can be zoomed in and swiped. Facebook games can also be played full screen and the iPad app supports AirPlay for Facebook videos as well.