What It's Like to BASE Jump into a Crowded City Street

By Brian Barrett on at

Thank goodness there are so many certifiably insane people in this world. That way the rest of us don't have to strap a camera to our helmets, ride up dozens of stories on the outside of an elevator, and plummet to near-certain doom in the middle of a busy Spanish city on a busy afternoon. Like these guys did.

RIP Google Buzz

By Mat Honan on at

Google Buzz, the company's much maligned foray into social networking that was about as popular as genital herpes, is dying. Oh, you thought it was already dead? Not yet. But that's probably why Google is killing it.

How Tide-Predicting Machines Saved D-Day

By Andrew Tarantola on at

How do you land 140,000 allied troops on an 5-mile long stretch of beach under heavy German bombardment? Very carefully. And to ensure the deployment of forces without stranding landing craft while juking Cmdr. Rommel out of his sneakers, the Allies employed these machines to predict the height of the tides.

Forever Drive for iPhone and iPad: A Crash Course in Continuity, Creativity and Credits

By Chris Schilling on at

Forever Drive is not, as the name might suggest, a celebration of Nicholas Winding Refn’s impossibly cool paean to Eighties European cinema. Although it features plenty of cruising around neon-drenched streets, it doesn’t have Ryan Gosling being all silent and moody; there’s no unwatchably brutal violence, nor does it make you sit through several minutes of meaningful looks in slo-mo as a gorgeous, thudding electropop soundtrack subliminally whispers “you will buy me on iTunes the minute you leave the cinema”.