The Funniest Comics About Our Crappy Passwords

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Losing your password isn't funny. Well, it's not funny to you. To the rest of us, it can be hilarious. The sort of point-and-laugh hilarity that comes from losing access to a dating site right when you find the perfect girl. Comic artists have taken the pain, monotony, and humiliation of dealing with passwords and created something we can all agree on. Your passwords suck.

Maurice Sendak: "F*ck Ebooks"

By Gizmodo on at

Many gathered around the tube in America for Stephen Colbert's feisty interview with everyone's favorite reclusive children's book author, Maurice Sendak. It's always a delight when old people weight in on new technology, and the highlight of the interview was Sendak's eloquent and nuanced condemnation of the ebook revolution.

Stop Ruining Your Phone With a Stupid Case

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The market for phone cases is huge. Waterproof cases, leather cases, silicon cases, stick-on screen protectors, plate-glass screen protectors. Enough. It's time to lose your cover for good, and let your phone roam free, nude, as nature intended.

How To Turn a Log Into a Lampshade

By Jamie Condliffe on at

This wonderful wood turning video is an amazing example of an incredibly talented man making something very, very difficult look insanely easy. Marvel at how a single woodworker turns a tree into a beautiful lampshade.

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World for iPhone and iPad – Interstellar Point & Click with Brian Blessed

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Would you like to see Brian Blessed in a point and click adventure game? How about the next best thing; a Brian Blessed analogue with red hair? Well folks, it just so happens that you're in luck. Kaptain Brawe has all the bombastic grandeur of the thespian man-mountain, and he has the same habit of SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS for EXTRA DRAMATIC EFFECT. Joy!