Web Porn Is Killing My Libido

By Jack Loftus on at

Zounds! So this is what my ex-girlfriend meant when she said sex with me was akin to "carnal relations with an empty husk." Too much web porn! It's killing our libidos, lads, one frantically one-handed mouse click at a time.

Instapaper, My Secret Folder, Animoog and More

By Casey Chan on at

Animoog: IMoog has packed that legendary sound into the seriously fun Animoog iPad app. It jams all of its analog cousin's wizardry into an iPad synth that's as intuitive and satisfying to play as the original. The layout is configured much how you'd imagine it-the piano keys are laid out along the bottom on the iPad's screen. Two of the synth's modules-a delay module for example-are visible at any given time. You can adjust settings like speed and frequency. And so much more. 69p.

Iris, Espier Launcher, My Car Salon and More

By Casey Chan on at

Iris: Iris, which was amazingly completed in 8 hours by Android dev Narayan Babu and his team at Dexetra, is a heckuva more conversational. It understands the questions you ask by voice and then spits out answers back at you. It's not always accurate (neither is Siri) but it's only in alpha and has a pretty good sense of humour about itself. You can have a general conversation with Iris or ask her questions about science, history, culture and more.