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The UK Really Loves the Internet, Hard

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently the UK is the nation most in love with the internet, beating out the rest of the G20 in its contribution to our humble economy. In fact, Brits need their internet fix so much that over half would rather give up alcohol, chocolate or coffee than the web; not to mention the quarter that would rather give up sex than their broadband connection -- now that's what I call addicted.

A Drinking Game You Play with Your iPad

By Casey Chan on at

Proof is an elegantly designed web app drinking game for the iPad that encourages you to learn something about alcohol while you're drinking alcohol. But don't think of it as a student drinking game, instead think fancy man with a glass of scotch drinking experience.

Does Your Beer Taste Watered Down? You Might Be Right

By Sam Gibbs on at

Have you ever thought that your beer tasted a bit weaker than normal? Now you might actually be right. Stella Artois, Budweiser and Beck’s are all being cut from 5 per cent to 4.8 per cent abv in an effort to reduce duty costs and to match “evolving UK category trends”.

What Is a Hangover?

Yippee! Let's poison ourselves with beverages that will make us violently ill! It was your battle cry last night, and today you're paying the price. But what is that hangover you're experiencing, exactly?

Facebook Shows Boozy Britain's a Nation of Drunkards

By Sam Gibbs on at

Us Brits, we love our booze. From real ales, larger and tart fuel, to fine wines, Lambrini and the odd G&T -- it's all good. One of the consequences of our penchant for tipple is that we're always being photographed when trollied. So, unsurprisingly around 75 per cent of our Facebook photos capture us sozzled, according to a recent survey.