Bought by Google back in 2005, the open-source operating system was brought to life in 2008 on the T-Mobile G1 smartphone. Since then, Google’s platform has been seen on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, smartwatches, and even household goods such as fridges and washing machines. It has been the most popular mobile OS since May 2012, with over one billion Android devices having been activated by September 2013. Check out this hub for all Android news, reviews and features.

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Fans Happy to Pay for CyanogenMod's New Servers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Android favourite CyanogenMod, which brings exciting new versions of Android to phones either abandoned or not yet updated by their makers while also throwing more features into the mix, has acquired two new "Xeon-class boxes with lots of RAM" thanks to a public fundraising appeal.

Could Google Push Out Android 5.0 Within Months?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ice Cream Sandwich hasn’t even made it much past the Galaxy Nexus yet, but apparently the next iteration of Android isn’t far behind. Rumours put Android 5.0 "Jelly Bean" in for a second quarter launch this year, and it could cause yet more fragmentation.

Barclays Launches Money-Texting App Pingit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Barclays has launched cross-platform smartphone app Barclays Pingit, which lets BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users transfer money to each other not by the modern NFC system, but by good, old-fashioned text messaging.