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Codify, Aquaria, and More

By Casey Chan on at

Wired App Guide: We teamed up with our friends at WIRED magazine to put some order to the sprawling madness of apps. The App Guide is available on newsstands,, and of course, as an iPad edition. Inside we've boiled the hundreds of thousands of available apps to the 400 best-including everything from time-burning games to productivity-improving tools. You're welcome.

Lapse It, Eye-C Taglist, Volume Rocker and More

By Casey Chan on at

Eye-C Taglist: Eye-C for Android and iPhone lets users from both platforms send music automagically to AirPlay. If you're on Android, that's ah-mazing. You can use Eye-C to create shareable "Taglists" out of music, photos, and videos on SoundCloud, YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, or their own music libraries to send to Airplay capable devices. Who says you're always locked out of Apple's walled garden?