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You Should Be Able to Get Your Mitts On a Windows 8 Tablet Sooner Than You'd Think

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve been treated to a fairly solid consumer preview build of Microsoft’s latest and greatest, which honestly, we quite like. It’s obvious from the beta that Redmond is quite far along with Windows 8 development; it’s apparently aiming to finish up work on Windows 8 this summer, shoving it out on both x86 tablets and PCs in October with a few ARM-based Windows 8 tablets in the mix too.

Windows 8 on ARM: Everything You Need To Know

By Maximum PC on at

Up until late last week Windows 8 on ARM was a complete mystery. We know the product existed, that it would launch at some point in the future, and it would sport the Metro interface Microsoft has been showing off for almost a year now. The silence on just about everything else had led many to wonder if Microsoft was further behind on the ARM version than they were letting on, but this week they finally opened up the information floodgates.