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The Best Ultraportable Laptop

By Kyle Wagner on at

We're headed to a post-PC existence, but we ain't there yet. The rise to prominence of Ultrabooks, though, brings the modern laptop closer to a tablet experience than a desktop. Their speed, portability, and tiny-but-not-a-piece-of-crap-netbook-ness have made them popular, but which is the one to own?

The Best Bluetooth Keyboard

By Brent Rose on at

Ooh, keyboards. Exciting, right?! Oh, are you nonplussed? Get over it dude: The concept is of a single keyboard that works really well across all of your computers, tablets, and even your phones is actually something incredibly appealing.

The Best Wireless Mouse

By Brent Rose on at

Who doesn't love a good wireless mouse? Free from wires that tangle, it can soar across your desktop, free as a bird. We tested five of the best on the market, and while they were all good, there can be only one Bestmodo.

The Best Budget Headphones

By Adrian Covert on at

Just because you don't want to spend thousands of pounds on audio equipment (and as many hours configuring it) doesn't mean you can't enjoy quality audio. In the case of headphones, a single c-note can reap rewards.

The Best Fitness Watch

By Mat Honan on at

You need to get in shape. Or maybe you are in shape, and want to be...inshaper. These fitness watches will run you ragged, or at least track your heart beats; distance travelled, and speed until you win this thing.