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By Andrew Tarantola on at

US FDA Approves Silver Bullet for Hangovers

It's 1pm. You're still in bed, having already muttered some lame excuse to your boss as to why you aren't in to work today, chugged a litre of water, half a bottle of aspirin, AND TWO GALLONS OF COFFEE, but no dice. When all else fails, this new US FDA-approved cure might help.

By Brent Rose on at

Get Really Drunk Off Gummi Bears

Have you heard the one about the super simple way of packing a high amount of alcohol into gummi bears? I was extremely skeptical, so like any good scientist* I decided to test it myself. The result? Hooboy...

Will Wine Snobs Embrace a Paper Bottle?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Even though they're recyclable, glass bottles are energy intensive to produce, and heavy and expensive to ship. So an inventor has created a cheaper, greener alternative with a paper-based bottle that will probably have sommeliers turning their noses up at it.

Whisky + Lasers = a Glass Full of Awesome

By Brent Rose on at

You know what's great? Really good scotch whiskey. You know what's not great? Fake scotch whiskey. Worry not. Researchers at St. Andrews University have figured out how to test your whiskey's authenticity by shooting it with lasers.

Why Your Drunk Ass Is Sick

By Brent Rose on at

New research reveals that alcohol impairs your body's ability to fight off viral infections. Isn't it enough that it already impairs your ability to drive, talk clearly, and not over-tip strippers? Damn it, alcohol, what more do you want?