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GAME Chain About To Go Bust?

By Gary Cutlack on at

GAME Group's share price has plummeted to less than the cost of a scratched old copy of Gran Turismo 2 without a box or manual, as the troubled high street chain is forced to admit it still can't source stock of some new titles and is "uncertain" what its future may hold.

The Young Aussie Entrepeneur Who Aims to Crush the UK High Street With His Super-Cheap TVs, Tablets and Cameras

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever heard of a bloke called Ruslan Kogan? No? Well, he’s an Australian entrepreneur who’s cut-price online electronics shop has already taken Oz by storm, crushing a few of its rivals in the process. Now he's set his sights on Britain. He believes technology can make the world a better place and aims to bring great, affordable electronics to the masses.

Ultrabook: The New Most Meaningless Word in Tech

By Sam Biddle on at

Although we weren't flooded by ultrabooks at CES to quite the extent we expected, the word itself was unavoidable. The skinny-sized laptops abounded, each alluring in its own way! That's when we realised that there's no such thing as an ultrabook. And we shouldn't pretend that there is.