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Hands-On Intel's Latest, Bestest Stab at Mobile Processing

By Brent Rose on at

The Medfield codename invoked strange Cloverfield associations for me. Would Intel's first serious mobile chip be a monster that destroys absolutely everything in its path? Well, the dust has cleared, and we have the Atom Z2460. It's not going to crush everything else, but it looks damn decent.

Padintosh Case Sends Your iPad 2 Back to 1984

By Kat Hannaford on at

ThumbsUp's Padintosh case is hardly a case, but at £30 it's cheaper than a lot of the svelte leather cases you see around. But do they send you straight back to 1984? Uh-huh, thought not. I can just see parents educating their children in how "tough we had it" by hindering their next iPad session with one of these "cases." [ThumbsUp via UberGizmo]


Behold the Future Of CES: The Booth Babe Mk II

By Andrew Liszewski on at

This chrome nightmare was heckling CES attendees, trying to coax them into TP-Link's booth to check out the company's wireless network wares. I generally like the lack of 'booth babes' at CES, since it means booths are staffed with personnel who actually know something about the products on display.