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I Just Controlled Windows 8 with My Eyes and It Made Me Believe in Technology Again

By Casey Chan on at

Windows 8 has a gorgeous Metro and finger friendly swipe-y interface that's perfectly fine but so 2011. All I want in my life in 2012 is Tobii, a company that's made the future possible: you control Windows 8 with your eyes. Seriously, it knows exactly what you're looking at when you're looking at it. It's instantaneous, it's ah-mazing and I haven't been this excited about technology since well, ever.

Acer's Next Iconia Tab Features a 1080P Display

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Rumours of a slimmer, more capable sibling to Acer's A200 tablet have been floating around for a while. But all Acer had to reveal at their press conference today was that the still unnamed tablet would have a full 1080P display, and will be powered by a quad core processor.


My CES Bag - What I Need to Survive

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Here comes CES and it's no cakewalk, let me tell you. It's more often like a slow-moving mosh pit than a electronics show, so the gear we carry can mean the difference between a smooth expo experience and utter failure.