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Vimeo Wants to Find the Future's Directors

By Kat Hannaford on at

Can you hear that cry for the next Martin Scorsese, bouncing around the internet like an aural Ken Burns effect? It's come from Vimeo, which wants to find 2011's future directors, after seeing some enormous accomplishments from the inaugural Vimeo festival+award winners last year.

Reminder: Submit Your Model Into the 3D Printing Challenge Before Tomorrow

By Kat Hannaford on at

Currently, you stand a good chance of winning this month's 3D Printing Challenge, friends. It must be the many eggnog-quaffing occasions December offers, because Nick at 3DPrintUK tells me we've only had a couple of entries to this month's high-tech sleigh design competition. Fire up Google SketchUp, or your preferred CAD programme, and enter to win fame; your 3D printed model, and a Tokyo Flash watch. Read the rules here.

Why You Should Avoid Paid-For Photography Competitions

By Haje Jan Kamps on at

As you're getting better as a photographer, one question will undoubtedly make its way to the forefront of your mind at some point: should you enter your photograph into competitions? There are pros and cons, of course, but there's one thing that's for certain: if the people organising the competition ask you to pay for the privilege of entering your photos, think twice.