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By Brent Rose on at

Technology in America's Most Notorious Prison

True -- this feature, from our bigger brothers on Gizmodo US, is about an American prison, and not at all relevant to our law-abiding British readers here on Gizmodo UK. But we think it's a fascinating look at the very prison Johnny Cash once recorded a live album in: San Quentin. - Kat.


A Woman Trying to Do a Drug Deal Accidentally Texted a Cop

By Casey Chan on at

I feel for drug dealers, I really do. They have to juggle countless phone numbers, make sure strangers aren't cops and always stay on guard. I'm surprised more people don't slip up! Like this woman, she was trying to set up a drug deal but accidentally texted the wrong number—that number ended up belonging to a cop.

How Does an Entire Bridge Go Missing?

By Casey Chan on at

Police in North Beaver Township, Pennsylvania are scratching their heads right now. Why? A 15-metre long, 6-metre wide steel bridge just disappeared. How? Apparently, some very bold criminals just up and stole it.