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Where to Check In After You've Checked Out

By Andrew Tarantola on at

The rising death rate in Japan has lengthened the average wait for cremation to roughly four days. That's a long 96 hours to let you lay there and ripen. So what do you do after shuffling off this mortal coil? You get yourself to a corpse hotel, obviously.

Symbian Is Dead

By Sam Biddle on at

In a branding equivalent of quietly dumping a corpse off a pier in the middle of the night, Nokia is retiring the Symbian moniker for good. Except it's not dead—now it's just called Nokia Belle. Belle! Ha! Ha.

Airplane Food Finally Kills Someone, Says Lawsuit

By Jesus Diaz on at

A woman and her daughter is suing American Airlines and flight catering company Sky Chefs for one million dollars (£640,000), claiming that their airplane food killed her husband. I would sue Sky Chefs for crimes against humanity and good taste.