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By Roberto Baldwin on at

NATO Commander Posts End-of-Libyan-War Facebook Status

Hey, what was the last update you posted to Facebook? That's nice, everyone loves a good cat video. Admiral James Stavridis of NATO just posted his intention to end the war in Libya. Possibly the first war to be ended via social media and definitely the first one to show up next to a Farmville request on your wall.

By Sam Biddle on at

Facebook Is Better than Sex

A thoroughly scientific study by sociological journal Cosmopolitan says 20 per cent of women prefer Facebook over carnal activity. This number sounds low to me. In our era, Facebook's made almost everything enjoyable and worthwhile about sex obsolete. Let's get poking.

Facebook for iPad Is Finally Here

By Casey Chan on at

After sneak peaks and mysteriously long delays, the official Facebook app for iPad is finally here. Goodbye crappy Facebook iPad apps, goodbye non-touch friendly website and say hello to wasting more time on so-called friends!