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Four Litres of Petrol Can Power an iPhone for 20 Years

By Casey Chan on at

It's true. According to Bill Colton, a VP at ExxonMobil, four litres of petrol has enough energy to charge an iPhone once a day for 20 years. Of course, that's never going to happen, but it's a point ExxonMobil uses to stress the fact that there is a lot of energy in petroleum.

Santa and Father Christmas Are Two Separate Chaps, and Coke Didn't Create Either of Them

By Sam Gibbs on at

Our new favourite YouTube director CGP Grey is back, just in time for Christmas, to educate us about the fat man we call Father Christmas. Contrary to popular belief, Coke didn't manufacture Santa, just cheekily pinched him for its advertising campaigns. Plus, what we Brits think of as Father Christmas doesn't even wear red and white at all (that's the American's Santa), and should be clad in green and white.