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By Sam Gibbs on at

Your Old iPod Might Kill Off Currys

The EU’s just decided that you should be able to dump your old and busted electronics on shops, whether or not you bought them there and even if you’re not buying anything new from them. The retailers will have to fund the e-waste clean up, which means your dead iPod or stereo might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for stores on the edge like Currys.

Wrap Your Lens in a Burrito

By Sam Biddle on at

Eating Mexican is inexpensive and convenient—just walk outside and find the nearest purveyor of Mexican food. What a world! But protecting your photography gear? That's usually neither. So wouldn't it make sense to turn your lens into Mexican food?

Finally, Thunderbolt Stuff You Can Actually Buy Is on the Way

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Thunderbolt is fast. Actually, that's a simplistic view. It's incredibly fast (10Gbps bi-directional speeds!) and can handle multiple protocols. You can use Thunderbolt to attach a monitor, external drives, video capture devices, and hubs that support USB and Firewire. Real products are finally arriving, so we thought we'd make a list of the best ones.

The Greatest Toilet Seat I've Ever Seen

By Brent Rose on at

Hidden away in a remote CES corridor, amidst a sea of gaudy phone cases and chargers, something catches my eye. What's a toilet doing here? Oh, you know, just revolutionizing how you use the bathroom. No biggie.