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Let's Golf 2 for Windows Phone 7: Fore!

By Roberto Baldwin on at

In the real world, golf is the game you play between attempts to drift a golf cart. I'm sure dressing like you're going to world's blandest ska show while swinging a stick is fun. But it's funner (that's a word) when you you can level up your balls in a video game based on golf.

Constant C for Android: A Puzzling Platformer With a Unique Control Scheme

By Stuart Houghton on at

Constant C is a great example of an indie developer having a brainwave about a new play mechanic and really running with it until its logical conclusion. The game combines elements of 2D platform hopping, a physics-based sandbox and lateral thinking puzzles into a quirky yet unified whole. It may also make you drop your phone, causing hundreds of pounds of real-world damage.