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JAZZ: Trump's Journey for iPhone and iPad – A Stylish Romp through the Golden Age of Jazz

By Bulent Yusuf on at

We've always believed in the potential of video games. As a medium, there's no limit to the kinds of stories it can tell or the emotions it can explore. That said, it's still a surprise to play something like JAZZ: Trump's Journey. On the one hand it's just a platform adventure. On the other, it's a loose retelling of the early life of Louis Armstrong, the great jazz musician, Hollywood star, and sometime civil rights activist. And it's utterly amazing.

Resident Evil 6 Launching on November 20th

By Gary Cutlack on at

Capcom has released the first official trailer for Resident Evil 6, attaching a November 20th release date to its latest zombie-packed sequel. It'll arrive first on Xbox 360 and PS3, before appearing later on PC. The plot's something about zombies, as you might be expecting, only triggered by "bio-terrorism" attacks on the US and Hong Kong this time. [YouTube]