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Hero Academy for iPhone: The Asynchronous Multiplayer Battle Chess You've Been Waiting For

Asynchronous gaming is a clunky phrase to roll around the tongue, but the time-shifting technique is perfect for the hectic social calendar of the modern player. Hero Academy is a great example; a turn-based tactical battle game where you make your moves and forget about them for a while until the other player responds. It's like playing chess by post, but snail mail is replaced with the magical ether of the electronic interwebs.

Time Ducks for iPhone and iPad: Why Did the Chicken (and the Tiger, and the Baboon) Cross the Road?

By Bulent Yusuf on at

By any definition of the word, Time Ducks is an ugly-looking game. The stick pixel style, the horrible clash of colours, the jagged movement. If it were possible to play it with a bag over the touchscreen, it'd be a small mercy. Nevertheless, it's a clever puzzle game where you use time-shift techniques to escort animals through traffic. Frogger meets Braid, anyone?

Crazy Hedgy for iPhone and iPad: A Hedgehog that Runs and Jumps, and Has a Mean Left Hook

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Games company Sega will take one look at Crazy Hedgy and probably have cause for concern. Not because the title character is a hedgehog – aside from species, he bears no resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog. But because the core concept of tilt and roll appears to have been lifted verbatim from another of their major franchises, Super Monkey Ball. Is replacing monkeys with hedgehogs enough to keep the lawyers at bay?

Super Crate Box for iPhone and iPad: Fight Endless Hordes by Collecting Weapon Crates

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SCB is an infuriatingly addictive game built around two core tenets. Firstly, it makes absolutely no concessions to the delicate sensibilities of modern gaming. One life, no continues, rack up as many points as you can. Secondly, it celebrates the glorious 8-bit era with chunky pixels, bright colours, and a phat chiptune soundtrack. Needless to say, we lost the better part of the weekend playing this sucker.

PS4, Next Xbox and Wii U Set for E3 2012 Showdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report in UK games trade title MCV claims Sony will reveal its expected "follow-up to the PS3" at this year's E3 gaming event. Given that we're also expecting Microsoft and Nintendo to show off their next-gen consoles, it could be the biggest and most brutal three-way console battle of all. E3 2012 starts on June 5th. [MCV]