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Rick O'Shea on Android Market and App Store: Nights at the Circus, doing the Cannonball Run

You know what we need more of in our mobile gaming? We need a round of applause every time we complete a stage. And maybe some sympathetic groaning when we heroically fail at a tricky juncture. Alas, your fellow commuters on the train are not likely to oblige, they're too busy thinking about what they're having for dinner tonight. Fortunately, Rick O'Shea has a built-in audience that's ready to cheer you on, every step of the way.

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RAVENMARK for iPhone: Splattered with Mud and Blood while Playing Chess on a Battlefield

The turn-based strategy genre is not as popular on the App Store as its third cousin (twice removed), Generic Tower Defence. The turf they occupy is cosmetically similar, but the complicated rules of the former are inversely proportional to the simple design of the latter. Which brings us to RAVENMARK, a defiantly complex game, but also a polished and classy attempt at battlefield chess. Fieldrunners, this certainly ain't.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition for iPad and iPhone: Rock Around The Block

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We first reported on the official mobile version of Minecraft way back in September, when it was an Android exclusive. This week the block-building phenomenon finally made the leap to iPad and iPhone, and potentially to the single largest audience the game has ever had. So what on earth are we/they/you going to make of it? Put down that lump of granite for a minute, and let's find out.

Ninja Throw for iPhone and iPad: Use Your Common Sensei

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Do you remember going on school trips when you were little? Someone always got busted trying to smuggle a ninja star home in their luggage. The teachers didn't object to pornographic playing cards, or firecrackers, but the death-dealing shurikens really seemed to provoke their ire. If you were one of those kids, Ninja Throw is the game for you.

The aMAZEing Labyrinth for iPhone and iPad: Let's Get Lost

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Can we ask a question? Have you ever heard of a board game called Labyrinth? Apparently it's won awards by the truckload, been played by 13 million people, and it's been in circulation for a quarter of a century. But we've never, ever, not once in all our travels, ever had the opporunity to play it. Have we been missing out? Were all those years playing Mouse Trap a complete waste of time?