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By Casey Chan on at

Home-Warming Gifts for People Who Just Moved In

If someone you know just recently moved into an flat or house or cardboard box, well, they're going to have a lot of empty space to fill. And as a friend, it's your duty to warm that house up with stuff. Why? So when you crash there, you'll feel less guilty. I BOUGHT YOU THAT TOASTER BRO.

Chic Gifts for the Design Junkie

By Adrian Covert on at

You're stuck having to buy a gift for that friend or loved one who has impeccable design sense and the most discriminating of tastes. This isn't easy. But it's not impossible. Here are 10 gifts any design junkie will love.

Twisted Gifts for the Merry Prankster

By Brian Barrett on at

It's the flat-mate who keeps saying your ex-girlfriend called. The teacher who loves a pop quiz fake-out. We all have prankster friends, but let's face it: their acts are getting stale. Here are some gifts that should jumpstart their jokes.