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By Gary Cutlack on at

£5695 Gets You a Fujifilm X-Pro1... Case (and Camera)

If you're rich enough to do your gadget shopping at Harrods rather than picking up half-broken things from eBay and trying to fix them yourself with masking tape and elastic bands, you may have the budget to buy Globe-Trotter's fancy case (oh, and it comes with Fujifilm's X-Pro1 camera, too).

Somehow Mad Men Is Even Better In 8-Bit

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yep, 8-bit pretty much makes everything better, including Mad Men. Here’s a new YouTube choose-your-own-adventure game to waste a good few minutes of your time on this Friday morning. Don’t forget; it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference what you choose, just make sure you’re drunk off your arse on scotch – that’s the Mad Men way.


The New BBC Mobile Site Revamp Looks Good But is Very Beta

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BBC is reshaping its mobile site, updating it for the latest generation of smartphones, shoving in some features like automatic location awareness that weren’t possible with the old design. It’s launched the revamp in beta to grab your feedback, but right now, like and good beta should be, it’s just a tad broken in some places.

Sod £63,000 a Day -- We'll Take £130 Million Thanks

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently ripping-off Pictionary is big business. Not content with pulling in a Premiership footballer-like £63,000 a day, the developer of the Draw Something app sensation sold-out to the copycat gaming juggernaut Zynga for a rumoured £130 million. Now that’s what I call a good day’s earnings, especially after just six weeks in the App Store.