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Reminder: Submit Your Model Into the 3D Printing Challenge Before Tomorrow

By Kat Hannaford on at

Currently, you stand a good chance of winning this month's 3D Printing Challenge, friends. It must be the many eggnog-quaffing occasions December offers, because Nick at 3DPrintUK tells me we've only had a couple of entries to this month's high-tech sleigh design competition. Fire up Google SketchUp, or your preferred CAD programme, and enter to win fame; your 3D printed model, and a Tokyo Flash watch. Read the rules here.

Juror's Tweets Overturn US Death Row Conviction

By Sam Gibbs on at

Twitter's got the power to fuel change for the good -- at least Egypt certainly thinks so -- but there's also the power of Twitter to interfere with due process, and that's exactly what's happened here. A convicted murderer may escape the death penalty in the US, after a juror tweeted about the case during the trial, causing the Supreme Court to overturn his conviction.