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By Kat Hannaford on at

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Doesn't Believe In Shiny Things

In a landmark interview with Wired, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos had what looks like his hour's worth of fame. Buried amongst his thoughts on Steve Jobs, Google and Facebook, Bezos talks about what he calls "shiny things," that is, products with all gloss and no substance. The opposite of what his team at Amazon is doing, of course.


By Gary Cutlack on at

What Exactly Is 4G?

You've probably heard of 4G, but also probably haven't used it yet. It's an umbrella term covering various faster mobile data connection standards, which are gradually taking off in various parts of the world.

Schools and Universities Jumping On .XXX Domains

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a somewhat surprising, but totally understandable move, educational institutions are pre-registering any and all .xxx domains that might relate to their brand names. University of Missouri-Columbia has reserved and for instance.

EPOCH for iPhone and iPad: Robot Wars, Cranked Up to Eleven

By Bulent Yusuf on at

"ASIMOV WAS WRONG!" How's about that for a provocative statement? It's a reference to the sci-fi legend's famous laws of robotics, which stipulated that robots should never allow humans to come to harm (and other bits of fluffy-headed peacenik dogma). In EPOCH the laws are summarily rejected with three words of political graffiti scrawled onto a wall. Also, legions of robots blasting each other into scrap.