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What Is a Hangover?

Yippee! Let's poison ourselves with beverages that will make us violently ill! It was your battle cry last night, and today you're paying the price. But what is that hangover you're experiencing, exactly?

Notes From the Frontline: It's a Riot

By Matt Delito on at

There was glass everywhere. I could feel it sticking into my shoulders where it had gotten caught under my Met-Vest. It was gnawing into my sides. My eye felt... Odd... but there wasn't time to find out whether I'd been hit by a shard of glass there as well.

The One Reason the iPad Can't Lose

By Brian Barrett on at

In the 1890s, King Camp Gillette had what was then novel business idea: sell durable razor handles cheaply to lock in lifelong customers of disposable blades. By trading short-term loss for long-term, reliable profits, his company became wildly successful, and—more importantly—created a foothold that its competitors spent decades trying to overcome.

Undercover Engineers: The Resurrection of Concorde

By Humans Invent on at

In Manchester Airport’s Aviation Viewing Park sits Concorde G-BOAC, known as ‘Alpha Charlie’. It is an engineering marvel; a feat of Anglo-French avionic brilliance that could cross the Atlantic in under three hours. Yet since 2003, it and the other 19 Concordes once in service have become tourist exhibits leased to airports and museums by British Airways and Air France.

Meet the Machine That's Going to Tunnel Under London

By Sam Gibbs on at

The £14.8bn Crossrail project is set to commence tunnelling in March next year in Royal Oak near Paddington, London. The plan is to bore a 13 mile underground tunnel connecting with overland sections to cover the 73 miles from Shenfield and Abby Wood to Heathrow and Maidenhead -- East to West London. To do that, TfL's got itself eight enormous tunnel boring machines that look like immense jet turbines.

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition on iOS and Android – Classic Crimewave Goes Portable

By Bulent Yusuf on at

It wasn't so long ago that GTA III was the bête noire of the games industry. Hysterical tabloid headlines accused it of encouraging everything from gang violence to sexual promiscuity. To see it available in the squeaky-clean environs of the App Store is something of a surprise (but not so much with Android Market). We're reminded of that old saying; "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks".