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By Haje Jan Kamps on at

How I Invented a Gadget and Made Thousands on Kickstarter

You've probably been there; Late one night in the pub, after a few too many beers, you have a bloody fantastic idea. A revolutionary idea. An idea that's going to change the world. The chances are that come the morning you’ll realise that your beer-addled brain had slightly overstated your own awesomeness, but sometimes (just sometimes!) the spark is there. The sparks of my idea began to fly about five years ago before, eventually, they caught light. Today, I'm waiting for a factory in China to start manufacturing something I invented -- the Triggertrap, an Arduino-based open-source universal camera trigger.

How To Keep Track of All Your Friends Tonight

By Roberto Baldwin on at

"Hey, let's all meet at Bill's party around 8pm." And that conversation was the last time you saw half of your friends. Tonight is going to be insanity. You'll be lucky you even make it to midnight, let alone keep your group together. But you know what, let's try it anyways.

How to Install and Configure Windows 8 Right Now

By Gizmodo on at

With Windows 8, Microsoft is reimagining the most basic premises of personal computers. CEO Steve Ballmer recognises the drastic changes coming in Windows 8, even calling the platform one of the biggest risks taken by the industry giant. The UI changes and fundamental paradigm shifts that Windows 8 brings to the table are making a lot of power users eager to give the platform a trial run, even in its current state as a Developer Preview.


Build a Flame-Spewing Fire-Pistol

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Whether you've got to start that campfire, like, 30 seconds ago, are ineffectually defending yourself from Polar Bear attack, or just really want to get arrested at airport security, this hand-crafted hand-torch can do them all. Here's how to construct you own.