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How to Make Wander-ing Instagram Pen Pals

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Sure, you could remotely wander about a foreign city with Google Earth, but you don't get any sort of feel for the local culture that way, just a superficial view of its storefronts. The Wander app instead connects you with an actual local for a guided Instagram tour.

The New Internet Will Make You Sad Forever

By Sam Biddle on at

The web used to be about other people. IMing your friend, emailing your wife, a chatroom with other guinea pig enthusiasts. Now it's turning around. Information is becoming less important than emotion—the web is an empty nostalgia factory.

Re-Live Your Instagram Pictures from a Year Ago

By Casey Chan on at

Instagram! Sometimes so pretty, always so fleeting. Those pictures disappear from memory faster than a tweet, so why not remind yourself about what your looking glass was looking at a year ago? The web app And7YearsAgram does just that.