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Latest DIY Destroyer Proves That the Slingshot Master Is Officially a Wizard

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As you stretch a rubber band, it heats up. But as it cools down it actually loses some of the energy it stored when it was stretched. That means the longer a slingshot is left loaded, the less powerful it becomes. Unless you're Joerg Sprave, the internet's resident master of slingshot design, who discovered that simply reheating a stretched elastic band can restore up to 40 per cent of its original powuh.

Can Slingshot Marbles Kill You?

By Gizmodo on at

First of all, yes, okay, pretty much anything can kill you under the right circumstances. But what about marbles, shot by a stainless steel slingshot into ballistic gelatin, by an amusingly t-shirted Eastern European madman? In super-slow motion?