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By Sam Biddle on at

Ultrabook: The New Most Meaningless Word in Tech

Although we weren't flooded by ultrabooks at CES to quite the extent we expected, the word itself was unavoidable. The skinny-sized laptops abounded, each alluring in its own way! That's when we realised that there's no such thing as an ultrabook. And we shouldn't pretend that there is.

For the First Time in Years, Your Next PC Will Be Amazing

By Kyle Wagner on at

By now you're maybe sick of hearing about ultrabooks, the best chance Windows rigs have to catch up to Apple laptops in design, usability, build quality, and general good-and-wantable-product-ness. Don't be. This isn't the inevitable, dreary sameness that's made PCs so boring for the last decade. In fact, it's the opposite.

The Best Ultraportable Laptop

By Kyle Wagner on at

We're headed to a post-PC existence, but we ain't there yet. The rise to prominence of Ultrabooks, though, brings the modern laptop closer to a tablet experience than a desktop. Their speed, portability, and tiny-but-not-a-piece-of-crap-netbook-ness have made them popular, but which is the one to own?