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By Kyle Wagner on at

The Best Ultraportable Laptop

We're headed to a post-PC existence, but we ain't there yet. The rise to prominence of Ultrabooks, though, brings the modern laptop closer to a tablet experience than a desktop. Their speed, portability, and tiny-but-not-a-piece-of-crap-netbook-ness have made them popular, but which is the one to own?


HP's Envy Laptops Finally Look Great

By Sam Biddle on at

HP's Envy line of serious fun notebooks (as opposed to serious business, bleh!) have always been a bit on the tacky side. I hate to say it, but they looked like expensive toys. Now they're grown up, in and out.

Asus' Ultrabooks Will Cost From £600

By Kat Hannaford on at

Asus is expected to formally announce details of its new range of Ultrabooks tomorrow, but Giz UK got some exclusive details on pricing, just for you guys. Apparently their cheapest models will start at £600, with the aluminum chassis UX21 and UX31 coming in at a minimum of £1,000.

Who Wants a Super-Thin Android Notebook?

By Casey Chan on at

NEC is supposedly working on this Android laptop/notebook/smartbook thingy that's model thin and apparently foldable in every each way. The pictures above are just of the prototype but they give you an idea how crazy this laptop might be.