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Notes From the Frontline: Bright Days at B&Q

I really, really don't want to answer the phone, but I figure I sort of have to. It is a fantastically hot day, and hot days do weird things to people. If it turns out there's a riot breaking out, and they're calling in all Level 2 officers, then I suppose my visit to my mum would be out the window; but everything for the job

Notes from the Front Line: A Cop Answers!

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Last week, our resident anonymous police cop was so rushed off his feet that he wasn't able to do his usual weekly story; so instead, we opened up for questions from the gallery. Today, in a super-special edition of Notes from the Front Line, Matt answers...

Notes From the Front Line: An Eviction

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"Sarah, you're sitting on a sofa, talking to a police officer," Pete interjected. "You are quite obviously not making a sandwich, and you're not going to either. You're going to get your stuff, and leave." Right on cue, Roger re-entered the room with a binliner. "Here's your stuff," he said. "Get out."

Notes From the Front Line: Going the Way of the Dojo

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"Don’t' be daft, this is a dojo. People come here to learn how to fight. Sometimes, you get slapped around a little, that's just how it works. You can't get assaulted in a Dojo." the instructor concluded, before straightening his black belt and getting back in his defensive stance.

Notes From the Front Line: A First Time For Anything

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The custody sergeant turned to me. "I think Mr. DiCaprio here might be under the influence of drugs or other substances, and to ensure we haven't missed any drugs on his person, I authorise a strip-search of the prisoner at this time". He took a quick glance at the whiteboard behind him. "Please use cell M5 to do the search".