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The New Windows 8 First Touch: This Is Windows?

By Matt Buchanan on at

It doesn't sound like particularly shimmery compliment, but the best thing that I can say about Microsoft's Metro UI is that after over a year of using it in various iterations, it still feels new. Not like never-breached-my-eyeballs-before new, but new as in the promise of something better, something from the future. But it's here, and I'm touching it with Windows 8. And it's going to redefine how like a bajillion people are going to use their computer over the next couple of years.


Microsoft Is Quitting CES

By Sam Biddle on at

CES is only a few weeks away, and we've already got our first shocker: after this year, Microsoft is out. Which might sound strange or sad—but Microsoft is smart as hell for doing this.