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Junk Jack for iPhone: The Bastard Love Child of Super Mario Brothers and Minecraft

By Bulent Yusuf on at

A lot of people are disappointed with Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Through tears and clenched fists, they complain that it's not nearly Minecraft-y enough, with key features in the proper grownup PC version missing from the iOS and Android versions. We would counsel those folks by buying them a beer and telling them to be patient, updates are certainly coming down the pipe. Oh, and by the way, have they tried playing a game called Junk Jack?

Minecraft – Pocket Edition for iPad and iPhone: Rock Around The Block

By Bulent Yusuf on at

We first reported on the official mobile version of Minecraft way back in September, when it was an Android exclusive. This week the block-building phenomenon finally made the leap to iPad and iPhone, and potentially to the single largest audience the game has ever had. So what on earth are we/they/you going to make of it? Put down that lump of granite for a minute, and let's find out.