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By Sam Biddle on at

VLC 2.0 Is Here

VLC, the greatest video omnivore of them all, has finally reached its two-point-oh, after eleven years. What's new? Plenty. But don't worry, the old standby can most importantly still play virtually anything you throw at it.

Every Single James Bond Film at Once

By Sam Biddle on at

The only thing better than watching an attractive actor have lots of attractive sex, shoot evil Soviets, and spew corny one-liners, is to watch it happen twenty two times simultaneously. Behold: all of James Bond, funneled straight to your brain.

Star Wars on Earth Should Be Your Next Vacation

By Casey Chan on at

Die hard Star Wars fan might know this already but for the rest, here's your next vacation: Tunisia. Four of the Star Wars saga was filmed in Tunisia (as the planet Tatooine) and most of the buildings are still in good shape, which means you can visit it. It's Star Wars, but instead of being a galaxy far, far away, it's on Earth.

This Shot of Slim Pickens Is the Bomb

By Mat Honan on at

I grew up under the shadow of the spectre of nuclear war. In the 1980s, popular culture was rife with the imagery of nuclear annihilation—from The Day After, to Threads, to Smiths songs. But nothing approached Dr. Strangelove.