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This NASA Space Harpoon Will Hunt Comets Down

NASA is readying a new kind of space device: a harpoon designed to rapidly fire against comets, easily taking chunks of its surface with surgical precision. It's now being tested by scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

First Earth-Like Planet Found and Confirmed By NASA

By Sam Gibbs on at

The possibility of alien life has captivated our imaginations for generations. Now that possibility just got a big boost as Kepler's managed to find and confirm a potentially Earth-like planet. It's just 600 light years away and occupies that magic 'habitable zone' around its star, like the Earth does around the sun.

The Maths That Saved Apollo 13

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This is the Lunar Module Systems Activation Checklist Book of Apollo 13. The handwritten numbers are part of the calculations made by Commander James Lovell, just two hours after a service module's oxygen tank explosion left them marooned in space.