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Finally, a UK Mobile Network Has Done Something Sensible

By Sam Gibbs on at

Instead of overage charges, Three will simply halt your data for the month when you hit your limit. Its launching new “essential” data plans that give you 250MB a month and that’s it; there’s absolutely no chance of horrendous out-of-allowance data charges, which is simply great.

Incredible 512Gbps Broadband Could Be Coming Our Way

By Sam Gibbs on at

Our European cousins over in Germany have just smashed a load of broadband records that could see absolutely, faster-than-blazing fibre headed our way. Deutsche Telekom’s T-Labs managed to pump data at a colossal 512Gbps down one channel of one single optical fibre across Germany in a 456-mile Berlin-Hannover-Berlin round-trip.

ICO Nukes 20,000 Spammers' SIM Cards For Good

By Sam Gibbs on at

Getting less spam texts recently? You can thank our good ol'Information Commissioner’s Office. It’s finally put its newfound muscle into practice and has blocked 20,000 SIM cards responsible for bombarding us poor folk with around eight million spam texts a day.

Sky's Incoming F1 iPad App Sounds Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s won the rights to broadcast F1, but it’s not just doing standard TV broadcasts; it’s rolling out a whole channel dedicated to F1 and it’s being backed up by a sweet-sounding iPad app that’s due to launch before the 18th of March.