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The UK Really Loves the Internet, Hard

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently the UK is the nation most in love with the internet, beating out the rest of the G20 in its contribution to our humble economy. In fact, Brits need their internet fix so much that over half would rather give up alcohol, chocolate or coffee than the web; not to mention the quarter that would rather give up sex than their broadband connection -- now that's what I call addicted.

What's the Best Way to Find Porn? Employ 15-Year-Old Boys of Course

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a rare stroke of governmental genius, Pakistan turned to a 15-year-old boy to track down all of the world’s porn sites in an attempt to filter-out smut. Proving no one is better at hunting down porn than teenagers, young Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah managed to index almost 780,000 sex sites in just six months – now that’s heck of a lot of porn.

This Is How Condoms Are Made and Tested

By Kyle Wagner on at

Condoms exist in that uncomfortable category of things we accept as part of everyday life, but don't spend too much thinking—much less talking—about. That's silly. To help break the ice, here's a stimulating look at how Trojan condoms are made, because you really shouldn't put anything on your (or your partner's) junk without knowing where it comes from, right?