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What is This, a Billboard for Ants?

By Tom Pritchard on at

What is this, a billboard for ants? Actually yes, it is. Marvel's marketing team is clearly gearing up for the upcoming release of Ant-Man, following on from its tiny poster and tiny trailer with an ant-sized billboard.

Hailo's Taxi-Driver Projections Will Death-Stare Driverless Cars Into Submission

By Gerald Lynch on at

An improving Tube system, a £100 million investment by the government in driverless cars -- London's cabbies are up against it at the moment. Taxi app Hailo want to put a "Face to Faceless" cab drivers, projecting their heads on London landmarks in a way that, if anything, will have would-be passengers hailing down rides if only to escape their beamed death-stares. Luigi would be proud. [Hailo]