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The Most (and Least) Amazing Things We Saw at CES Day One

By Mat Honan on at

Day one is winding down at CES, and we're already starting to see some trends emerge. Like, everyone seems to have the flu. And, wow, those are some big-arse TVs. But we've been picking up on a few themes that seem to be emerging after this first official day of CES. Here are the highlights, lowlights, and ultralights that made the biggest impression:

My Eyes Orgasmed When I Saw the Samsung Super OLED TV

By Casey Chan on at

My eyes have never felt so good than when they saw Samsung Super OLED TV. IT WAS SOO CLEAR. I went to go see it up close and it's beaaaautiful. Seriously, you'll see its gorgeousness in the video above but it's even better looking in person. Criminally good lookin'.