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Now You Can Grab Sky Anytime+ on Any Connection

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s continuing full speed with its push to release its content from its satellite lock-in. Sky Anytime+, which lets you stream Sky’s TV roster plus on-demand catch-up from the likes of the BBC, can now be pulled down across any internet connection as predicted, not just Sky’s own-broadband service.

Sky's Launching a New PAYG Internet TV Service in the UK Called Now TV

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s really been pushing its brands online with Sky Go and even companion apps like the Sky Sports iPad app that sports “Race Control” for F1. Now it’s going the whole hog and has unveiled a brand new IPTV service called Now TV that’ll launch later this year for non-Sky subscribers. It’ll apparently give you instant access to some of Sky’s most popular content on a hopefully cheaper, pay-as-you-go tariff.

Set Up Your Home Theatre Like a THX Master

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Building a killer home theatre involves more than just throwing a big wad of cash at your local electronics dealer. It requires planning, finesse, and scientific acoustic manipulation. The engineers at THX pioneered a lot of the methods and technologies used in today's top systems. So we took a trip to their San Rafael, California, headquarters to get a lesson from the masters. Here's what we learned.