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Newtown? Ghost Town More Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

This sad video pretty much sums up what’s happening to our high streets here in Britain. You can see it all around us, but this match-up of opposing photos shows just how bad it’s really getting.

First Nikon D800 Test Film: So Far, So Good

By Michael Hession on at

Today, Nikon revealed its D800 DSLR, leaving photo and video nerds alike salivating for samples. Eager to show off the D800's video capabilities, Nikon left it to filmmaker Sandro Miller to create a film meant to make us drool. And so we have Joy Ride, which chronicles the journey of one man and his motorcycle... and not much else aside from a superfluously gross childbirth scene.

Even Knitting Needles Are Awesome in Space

By Michael Hession on at

Even the most mundane objects and experiences seem to become totally amazing up in space. Like, say, this knitting needle that's been charged with static electricity interacting with tiny droplets of water. Combine the electric charge with the velocity of the droplet, and the result is a gravity-like orbit of the water around the needle.