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By Kat Hannaford on at

Siri Can Control Spotify, But Can It Find You Good Taste?

Can someone who has an iPhone 4S ask Siri what type of music she's into? I'm sure it's infinitely better than what you listen to. (I'm joking, of course! Maybe.) Thanks to the SiriProxy software recently created, it's now possible to control your Spotify playlist via Siri, queuing up new songs and even asking her to identify tracks for you.

A Guy Accused Tom from MySpace of Being the Father of His Girlfriend's Baby

By Casey Chan on at

When a couple goes on Maury (America's most electrifying daytime TV talk show) to prove who's the father of a baby, it's usually a sordid tale of lying, cheating and deceit. But no story can ever get better than this: Joe, the alleged baby daddy, accuses Tom from freaking MySpace of being the real father of his girlfriend's baby because Tom was her very first friend on MySpace.