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Designing Windows 8, or: How to Redesign a Religion

By Matt Buchanan on at

There are lot of hard jobs at Microsoft. Like the guy who collects Steve Ballmer's dry cleaning. But Sam Moreau just might have the hardest gig in Redmond. Or at least the most harrowing. Over the past five years, he's taken on the tiny task of redesigning the operating system used by like a billion people all over the world. You know, NBD.

Halo 4 to Be Shown Off at Leap Day Xbox Showcase?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Are you ravenous for more Master Chief action? Looks like you won’t have to wait too long if a rumour out of Scandinavia is to be believed. According to a Finnish magazine, Halo 4 will be officially shown off at a leap day Xbox Spring showcase scheduled for the 29th of February.

PS4, Next Xbox and Wii U Set for E3 2012 Showdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report in UK games trade title MCV claims Sony will reveal its expected "follow-up to the PS3" at this year's E3 gaming event. Given that we're also expecting Microsoft and Nintendo to show off their next-gen consoles, it could be the biggest and most brutal three-way console battle of all. E3 2012 starts on June 5th. [MCV]