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The Real Answer to All Our Error Codes

By Brian Barrett on at

You're working late into the night, a deadline is approaching. Out of nowhere, your trusty computer collapses in a fit of exhaustion or pique, shouting error message numbers at you in a tourettic fit of indecipherable jargon. What's it all mean? How do you fix it? This. Like this.

Why the Orion Nebula Is NSFW

By Brian Barrett on at

The next time you're out stargazing with your children, please make sure you shield them from Orion and his glowing member. Or at least bring a little loin cloth you can hold up to the sky.

Why Camera Nerds Can Be the Worst Nerds

By Brian Barrett on at

There's so much one can learn about cameras, from ISO to white balance to aperture settings. And there is, for some reason, an irresistible urge to share that knowledge once you've learned it, even if no one's asking, and even if it's totally irrelevant to the conversation at hand.

The Porn Folder of All Porn Folders

By Brian Barrett on at

What your porn folder is filled with is your own business. No, seriously, I don't want to know. Unless it's filled with another porn folder, and there's another porn folder in that one, and so on. Because that's pretty great.

Unlocking the Wisdom of the Message Board Ancients

By Brian Barrett on at

Sometimes, in our darkest hour, a hand reaches out through history, a fellow traveller from years ago who walked our same blighted road. Which is kind of magical, except when it's incredibly frustrating, because he apparently didn't get his error message resolved either and ugh.